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Gold Lion Gear

GOLD LION GEAR - GRIMM Edition 100 Brass Pipe Screens - 3/4" (.75)

$ 17.95

Brand Name:  Gold Lion Gear (GRIMM Edition)

Similar to the SUPA Edition steel and brass filters, Gold  Lion Gear GRIMM Edition filters are designed with a dutch twill weave and undergo a more thorough manufacturing process.    

Due to this, the GLG Premium filters have a high price since they are of better quality. 

Pipe screens prevent clogging and stop hot ash and embers from entering the inner pipe, making smoking more enjoyable and cleaning a much easier task.
Pipe screens are durable so they can be cleaned and reused or can be replaced as needed to support maximum air and smoke flow.  

These filters come with a Manufacturer's warranty of 1 year.


Gold Lion Gear Brass and Steel Pipe Screens are strictly designed and manufactured for use in conjunction with tobacco pipes and tobacco related pipe accessories.

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