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2014 Cruise

2016-2018 GLG Thick PVC Waterproof Cruise Luggage Tag Holder, Baggage Document Holder with Stainless Steel Loops

$ 19.95

Stay Calm and Enjoy Your Cruise with Highwind.


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Highwind Cruise Luggage Tags

These Highwind Cruise Ship Tags come with a Zip Top Seal Enclosure and Stainless Steel Loop Cord. Our cruise ship tag holder is the only one in the market that provides a durable cruise ship tag holders!

Features of Highwind Cruise Luggage Tags

1) Highwind Cruise Ship Tags have been tested on THOUSANDS Cruise Trips! Strong and durable Cruise Tags designed to withstand rough handling of baggage handlers, cruise lines, air lines and much more!

2) Peace of mind, Unique Zip Top Seal Enclosure - Protect your e-tags from rain or falling out - Extra Strong Braided Stainless Steel Loops To Prevent Your Tag Detaching. With the extra strength soft clear PVC plastic and stainless steel loop, these will protect your cruise tags from damage and liquids.

3) Strong and durable Cruise Tags that are easy to attach! This package is perfect to share with your friends and family.

4) Convenience, Your Highwind Cruise Luggage Tag Features: - Cruise Ship Luggage Tags - 7.25 x 3.5 in. – Highwind tags are designed to last through all kinds of travel, air, sea and land.

5) Compatible with the following cruise lines: PRINCESS, CARNlVAL, COSTA, HOLLAND AMERICA, P&O, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and NORWEGIAN and MANY MORE!

Highwind Cruise Luggage tags have been tested through THOUSANDS of different cruises across many families. Rest easy that these tags work and keep on working.

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