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About Us

Gold Lion - Highwind - GRIMM manufactures and produces all Gold Lion, GRIMM and Highwind products. 

We specialize in a variety outdoor and travel products, adding more to our catalog every day. Check back every week to see the new items we've added! 

In 1950, roughly 400,000 lions roamed freely within the jungles and plains of Africa. Today, less than 47,000 of the magnificent cats are left in the wild due to conflicts with humans and loss of habitat due to human interference. Gold Lion Gear is here to change this! Our gear is not only created to endure the wild elements with you but to also strengthen animal conservation efforts! By donating 10% of net profits to the various animal conservation funds, we hope to help end conflicts with wildlife and protect their habitats. Join us in supporting wildlife conservation and raising awareness of a conservation crisis!

 Gold Lion is the exclusive owner of Gold Lion Gear, GRIMM and Highwind products.


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